Randy and Paula

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Thank you Randy and Paula!

Randy and Paula Wilkerson began their journey as the producers of Indian Market Festivals in the 1980’s, and carried on its storied tradition until January of 2018.  Now, they have chosen to retire and pass the torch to Liz Gore King of Dash Events.

A note from Randy & Paula:

For a few years now, many artists have recommended to us a certain person they would like to see take over the show when we did decide to retire. After many phone conversations and two face to face visits, we are thrilled to announce that Liz Gore King will be taking over immediately as the new owner and producer of the Colorado Indian Market and Southwest Showcase. Many of you already know Liz, but for those of you who don’t…Liz is young, enthusiastic and energetic with lots of knowledge and expertise in producing art festivals. She grew up in Albuquerque helping her mom, Ruth Gore, produce the three annual Rio Grande Art & Craft Festivals. Today Liz partners with her mom to produce the Rio Grande Festivals along with starting and producing her own festival, The 6th Annual Cheesman Park Art Festival in Denver. In all sincerity, we feel like Liz is absolutely the ideal person to continue producing the festival in our traditions of integrity, fairness and a genuine concern for the exhibitors. Again, let us assure you, we think Liz and her team will do an amazing job and we fully expect the Colorado Indian Market and Southwest Showcase will continue to thrive for many many years!