Randy and Paula

Randy and Paula began their journey as the producers of Indian Market Festivals in the 1980’s. At that time, Randy was an artist exhibiting his paintings at art shows across the country.

Randy, having documented Choctaw heritage, was able to participate in art shows restricted for “Native American artists only” and he was also participating in general “unrestricted” art shows. Randy began wondering why there were not any shows that combined Native American artists with non-native artists who did products that were Indian, southwest, western and wildlife in nature.

From this idea, Randy and Paula decided to start an art “festival” which offered both Native and non-native artists, along with stage entertainment, special attractions and family fun. In 1990 the first festival of its kind, the “Texas Indian Market and Southwest Showcase” began in Arlington, Texas and was a huge success. Soon, other shows across the country adopted a similar concept; one of those shows, the “Colorado Indian Market”, a large Native American festival in Denver, soon became the “Colorado Indian Market and Western Art Festival”. In 1999, its producer became very ill, and having known Randy as an artist for many years and of Randy and Paula’s integrity and ability as festival producers, asked them to take over her show so it could carry on.

To this date, Randy and Paula are still producing the Colorado Indian Market festival each year with the same joy, passion and commitment they’ve used since 1990 to produce the highest rated art and entertainment festivals of their kind in America.

Randy and Paula feel truly blessed to have met and worked with so many artists and entertainers over the years and they look forward, with excitement, to what their continued journey will bring in the future.